Taiwanese milk tea in Tamsui that area is a very popular tourist spot and it is full with tourists. Tamsui is a seaport. In the evening, the atmosphere is good, the view is beautiful and there is an old street selling a lot of good food to eat. Most importantly, there is a very famous Taiwanese milk tea shop” GINO Milk Tea” , their products are what I must buy back to Thailand.

The shop is not difficult to find. Get off at Tamsui MRT station, turn right to the Gongming Street (Fried Chicken 1973 store) and go straight for 100 meters then you will find GINO Milk Tea shop. They have both hot and cold milk teas & coffees for only 40 baht per glass. They also have the ready-made package with convenient single-serve sachets and zip-locked packages. Simply mix hot or iced water for instant cup of tea or coffee. It’s very convenient. There are many choices from Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Milk Tea, Lavender Milk Tea, Jasmine Latte, Green tea Latte, Coffee, Chocolate, Multigrain Cereal, Yam & Pearl Barley Cereal, Chinese Almond Powder, Black Sesame Powder those are popular souvenirs in Taiwan.

As a popular souvenir in Taiwan, the shop offered us to try before buying it. It’s highly recommended to try whtaever products you like. You will be stunned and love it. We bought the products not only for ourselves but for our friends as well.

GINO Milk Tea  32 sachets, price NT$220
It has received a number of hits, including compliments. Currently, Milk Tea is the most favorite in the market. Gino’s Milk Tea combines Assam black tea and high quality Ceylon tea. It’s good to drink both hot and cold.

GINO Brown Sugar Milk Tea, 24 sachets, price NT$220
Drink a cup of hot brown sugar tea will make your whole body feel warm and it helps female relieve from uncomfortable during the menstrual period.

Imperial Blend Instant Coffee, 30 sachets, price NT$220
It is made in Switzerland with 100% premium quality Arabica beans. The coffee beans are roasted and brewed and then flash freeze-dried to lock in the full-bodied cup of intense and well-rounded flavors. It has mellow and well balanced tastes. You can add into fresh milk to become iced latte or add into iced water to have iced black coffee in a second.

GINO’s products are free from food additives and preservatives, 0% trans-fat, low sugar. If you buy over NT$ 2,000, you’ll get a 10% discount. Bring Taiwanese milk tea home with you. It’s a great CP value. Gino Milk Tea is a must-buy souvenir from Taiwan.

Address:, No. 57, Gongming St., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 251, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: (02) 2740-8929
Opening hours: Open daily from 11:30 - 21:30 hrs.