Welcome “GINO” (hereinafter referred to as the Site), in order to allow you to feel at ease using the services and information on this website, you hereby illustrate the site’s privacy policy to protect your interests, please read the following:


Privacy Scope

Privacy Policy covers how to handle this website, including collecting the use on this Web service's and personally identifiable information. Privacy Policy does not apply to related links outside of this site, nor does it apply to persons not entrusted or involved in the management of this website.


Collection and use of information

In order to provide you with the best interactive services on this website: If user registration, to participate in various activities, such as online or in a public forum, that you may be asked to provide personal information, and its range is as follows: When you use the service mailbox or contact us and other interactive features, it will keep the information you provided: such as name, gender, age, date of birth, telephone number, mailing address, address, email address, and so on. Unless your consent or other special provisions of the Act, this site will never disclose your personal information to third parties or use for purposes other than the purpose of the collection. However, this site will provide personal data for the purpose of public safety in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement agencies. In this condition, this website holds no responsibility to Any disclosure in this case.


Related Links external website

The website provides links to other sites, you can also link to other websites provided by this site. However, this does not apply to the linked site’s privacy policy website, you must refer to the link site's privacy policy.


Use of Cookie

In order to provide you with the best service, the Site may place and access our Cookie on your computer, if you are unwilling to accept the siteswritten Cookie, you can set the privacy level functionality in the browser you are using to “high”, you can reject our site Cookie, but this may lead to some features on our site that may not perform properly.

Amend the terms of use

Terms of use of this website will be revised at any time in response to a demand, the amended terms will be published on the website.