Green tea latte

Green Tea Latte

Green Tea Latte

(20g*20 sachets) NT$190
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GINO Green Tea Latte uses tea powder made from fine young tea leaves powder with whole milk powder added. This blend makes a delicious, sweet and rich drink. Green tea is naturally rich in antioxidants and offers a powerful combination for our health benefits. Green tea is a great alternative for coffee to boost your day, without causing side effects such as restlessness and insomnia like coffee.

Sugar, Non-dairy Creamer (Plant based/lactose free), Whole Milk Powder, Green Tea Powder.

Preparation Instructions:
Pour the sachet of milk tea into a mug, add 200c.c of hot water and stir well.

Pour the sachet of milk tea into a cup, add 60c.c of warm water and stir well to dissolve, then mix another 140c.c of cold water or ice.

*The amount of water can be increased or decreased according to personal preference.