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[Taiwan Travel] Leisurely sightseeing in Tamsui

The third day starts with sightseeing in Tamsui. Tamsui has a history of being one of the leading port towns in Taiwan, and has an atmosphere similar to Yokohama.

I really wanted to go in the evening because it is famous as a sunset spot, but I have another plan at night so I went during the daytime.

It takes about 40 minutes by MRT from Taipei Station to Tamsui Station. It is convenient because you can go without transferring. One of the main reasons to go to Tamsui is to visit a milk tea specialty store called “GINO”.

To visit a very popular milk tea specialty store in Taiwan

This is a very popular souvenir shop in Taiwan. Just adding hot water to make a very authentic milk tea. This shop has more than 30 kinds of products and many choices of milk tea!

The particularly popular products are milk tea and brown sugar milk tea. It costs 220 yuan (792 yen) for 32 bags. While I was wondering which one to buy, there are Taiwanese customers bought many bags. GINO sounds very famous in Taiwan.

You can try whatever you like, so you can taste before you buy.

If you do try it, you’ll find the taste is amazing that it has a full creamy flavor of milk even though it just adds hot water!

As I liked it, I ordered a glass of milk tea that I could drink it immediately just for 45 yuan (162 yen).

When I first came to Taiwan, I bought an instant milk tea from a supermarket, but honestly the taste is completely different.

GINO shop information

Business hours: 11: 30-21: 30
Regular holiday: None
Address: No. 57, No. 251 Gongmei Street, Tamsui District, New Taipei City
Official site: