MS Foever on Vacation

MS Foever on Vacation (Patty)

Tamsui is a must visit location for most tourists who travel to Taiwan, isn’t it? I certainly can’t miss it. There is a highly recommended must-buy souvenir shop “ Gino Milk Tea” . It is very famous for variety of milk teas. The shop is not difficult to find. It is on Gongmin road, we just walk there. 

There are three famous celebrities. Milk Tea is the No. 1 that is not too sweet and fragrant with milk flavor. It tastes delicious whether you drink hot or iced. The second is Brown Sugar Tea that is my favorite. I love its rich, mellow and creamy taste and the full-bodied fragrance of brown sugar. As I know brown sugar helps women during menstruation.

The last one is Imperial Blend Instant Coffee which is s made from high quality Arabica beans. You can add into iced milk and shake it to become iced latte in a second. I didn’t try it, but my husband tried and highly recommended it.

In addition to the above products, I also like an interesting product- Lavender Milk Tea.

Gino shop can let you try all their products, next time if you have a chance visit Taiwan you should not miss Gino shop. You’ll love it.