Let's Eat Thailand (Danai)

Let's Eat Thailand (Danai)

GINO Instant Milk Tea
Milk tea / Brown Sugar milk tea for 10 baht per glass.
Can’t find cheaper than this !?!?

Milk tea and Brown Sugar Milk Tea are still very popular. Milk tea is famous from Taiwan. There are a lot of milk tea shops in Thailand and the price competition is fierce.

I got off at the end stop of the MRT red line and walked to the Tamsui Old Street. Tamsui is a seaport city, the atmosphere is very good. You will see the view of Taiwan Fuji Mountain once getting off the station. You can stroll by the sea or can walk easily to Tamsui Old Street to buy souvenirs or find food to eat.

When, you will see the view of the mountain entering Taiwan's Fuji fire too. Who would stroll by the sea? Or can easily walk to find things to buy souvenirs and find something to eat in the Tamsui market.

I walked from MRT Tamsui Station to the Old Street I saw GINO Milk Tea shop on the right hand side. They have Milk tea and Brown Sugar Milk Tea for NT$ 40 per glass that is so cheap!! I walked into the shop and found they have 3-in-1 pack packages of Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Milk Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Green Tea Latte, Jasmine Milk Tea, Multi-grain Cereal, Hazelnut Wild Yam Cereal, Sesame Powder, etc.

GINO offered free taste, I have tasted 7-8 cups of different products. I bought 5 packs because I only had a light backpack. What a pity! Gino products are delicious with very good prices. I’m going to share with my colleagues as gifts.

GINO Milk Tea (Taiwanese Milk Tea): 32 sachets per bag for NT $ 220 (6.875 baht per sachet). It is the most popular and favorite item received a lot of positive feedbacks.

GINO Brown Sugar Milk Tea: 24 sachets per bag for NT $ 220 (NT $ 9.17 baht per sachet). I love the silky, fragrant taste with no greasy sweetness. This is my favorite.

Imperial Instant Coffee: 30 sachets per bag for NT $ 220 (NT $ 7.3 baht per sachet). This coffee can add into a bottle of fresh milk and shake it well that will become a cold latte instantly.

One sachet can make either hot or iced coffee with an average of less than 10 baht per glass. Very high CP value. The most important, it is very delicious. guaranteed!!!!!
** One Pack of Gino Milk Tea on ebay or Amazon is 450-500 baht per pack, not including shipping cost. You must buy and try it , if you have a chance to visit Taiwan Really economical.
* Products at Gino Milk Tea are free from food additives and preservatives / 0% trans fat / low fat milk / low sugar. When purchase NT $ 2,000 you’ll get 10% off immediately

Address : 新北市淡水區公民街57號
No. 57, Gongming St., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 251, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel : (02)2740-8929
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