Milk Tea

Milk Tea

Milk Tea

(600g/Bag) NT$190
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We are proud to present our signature GINO milk tea having the perfect blend of authentic black tea and non-dairy creamer. We promise it has a rich aromatic flavor, with delicate and smooth taste like no other.

GINO milk tea has the perfect ratio just like Taiwanese bubble tea, and can easily be home made just by preparing a mug, hot water and a bag of our GINO milk tea to have the perfect taste made within minutes. This product can be served both hot and cold, especially when served with ice, it will taste even closer to bubble tea.

Which is why GINO Milk Tea being one of the must-buy items in Taiwan, and is highly recommended by American, Korean, Japanese and Southeast Asian YouTubers and Bloggers.

Non-dairy Creamer (Plant based/lactose free), Sugar, Instant Black Tea Powder, Flavoring.

Preparation Instructions:
Pour 20g of milk tea powder into a mug, add 200c.c of hot water and stir well.

Pour 20g of milk tea powder into a cup, add 60c.c of warm water and stir well to dissolve, then mix another 140c.c of cold water or ice.

Milk tea:
Pour the sachet of milk tea into a cup, add 60c.c of hot water and stir well, then mix another 100c.c of fresh milk.

Mandarin Duck Milk Tea:
Pour 16g milk tea powder with 1 sachet of our coffee into a cup, add 200c.c of hot water and stir well

*The amount of water can be increased or decreased according to personal preference.