Multi-Grain Cereal

Sugar Free Multigrain Cereal

Sugar Free Multigrain Cereal

(650g/Bag) NT$250
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GINO Multi-Grain Cereal has a wonderful blend of 22 kinds of freshly milled grains, seeds and beans combined by Chinese ancient wisdom. It makes a hearty, nutritious porridge giving you that boost to start your day with full energy. You can make it as thick or as watery as you like. You may drink it as a beverage.

Non-dairy Creamer (Plant based/lactose free), Black Soy Bean, Pearl Barley, unpolished Rice Powder, Wheat Flakes, Soy Lecithin, Wheat Germ, Lotus Seed, Buckwheat, Barley, Yam, Peanut, Red Bean, Black Sesame, Ophiopogonis Tuber, Gingko, Pine Nut, Pea, Rice Bean, Millet, Mung Bean, Lily Bulb, Poria, Fox-Nut, Runner Bean.

Warning: This product contains Milk, Wheat, Soy Bean, Red Bean, Pine Nut and Black Sesame.

Preparation Instructions:
Pour 30g of health drinks into a mug, add 200c.c of hot water and stir well.

Pour 30g of health drinks into a glass, add 60c.c of warm water and stir well to dissolve, then mix another 140c.c of cold water or ice.

*The amount of water, milk or soya milk can be increased or decreased according to personal preference.